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A well functioning body is like a finely tuned car.  The way your body functions depends a great deal on how well you look after it and what fuel you use to drive it.   The foods you eat can play a big role in your physical and mental performance.  Also, if you don't give your body sufficient rest and recuperation it could wear out rather sooner than you would like.   At Nutre-Balance we use Nutritional Therapy and Reflexology to support you on your path to excellent health so that you feel more like a Ferrari than a Morris Minor!

Nutrients in food form the materials for building and repairing all tissues in the body - muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, skin, hair, nails, mucous membranes (eg gut wall, respiratory tract) etc.   Nutrients are also involved in the production of enzymes, hormones and neurotransmitters which influence how the body and mind function.   Eating a nutrient-rich and varied diet is therefore extremely important to optimise both structure and function.   You are not only 'what you eat' but also how well you digest and absorb the nutrients you consume, so your ability to break down and absorb the components in food is an important consideration too.

The media are full of suggestions about what and how much to eat or what supplements you should or shouldn't take.   These assume that each individual's body works in exactly the same way, but each one of us is biochemically unique and so what works for one person may not work for another.    Nutritional Therapy involves tailoring a nutritional programme to suit you and your lifestyle.  A personalised supplement programme is frequently recommended to support dietary changes.  You will learn how your symptoms may be linked to how and what you eat, and how many lifestyle factors may affect your body's perfomance.    Nutre-Balance has 23 years' experience in helping people of all ages take control of their health.   Our programmes are designed to help you: 

  • Gain More Energy
  • Shift Excess Body Fat
  • Break Negative Eating Habits
  • Improve Digestive Function
  • Feel More Balanced
  • Increase Mental Clarity
  • Boost Immune Function

Optimum Health CAN be Yours!




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